Entire house (approx. 130 m2)

12 beds in four bedrooms. By renting the entire house you will have access to all its facilities. The layout, with separate entrances to each floor, is ideal for large families who want to live in the same house but who desire some privacy.

In addition to the guest house, we have another house, “Gula villan”, which is also located in Hulevik. For prices and more information please email or call +46703907058

If you want to see the guest house’s availability, please visit our airbnb page here: > click here

If you want to see “Gula villa’s” availability, please visit our airbnb page here: > click here.

If you are looking for simpler and cheaper accommodation, in 2023 we finished building a unique pole house where a small group can live all by themselves in the middle of the forest and right by a small lake. The pole house is only about 800 meters from Hulevik, where our other houses are located. We also only have one airbnb page for this accommodation.

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