To do

Apart from our beautiful nature, with our woods and the lake, there are great routes for jogging or cycling. The former railway line follows the coast of Lake Åsnen and it is possible to hire bikes to cycle around the entire lake.

On site boats and/or canoes can be hired (subject to availability) for those wishing to fish or simply enjoy the fantastic islands on Lake Åsnen.

If you need to buy food etc. the closest shops are in Torne (9km) and Lönashult (8km).

National park

Only a little less than a kilometer from our Guest house is one of two entrances to Åsnens National Park. In addition to fantastic nature, you will find here Trollberget, a place where you can wander around in a beautiful beech forest and read about the fairy tales associated with the place. There are also nice barbecue areas and a lovely jetty to enjoy at.

Lake Nävsjön

About 800 meters from the house is a small lake with a rich fauna to experience.

Round the Åsnen

Around Lake Åsnen there is a bicycle route. About half of the 140-km route is completely free from motorized traffic and is based on a former railway line. A map can be bought in the tourist offices in the nearby towns of Växjö, Alvesta and Tingsryd.

Huseby bruk

20 kilometers away you will find Huseby bruk, a farmstead in a cultural environment that is by Åsnen’s northwestern point.


40 kilometers away is Växjö, the largest town in the region. Here you will find the full extent of what a town can offer in terms of shopping, restaurants, arts and entertainment.

IKEA (Älmhult)

50 kilometers away is Älmhult, the place where Ingvar Kamprad founded Sweden’s international furniture giant IKEA. Here you will find one of the concern’s newest stores as well as the very first.


90 kilometers away is Kosta, the world-famous glassworks. Here you can learn more about the history of glass, visit the glass hotel and perhaps even shop in the large Outlet.