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The Guest House

If you want to read more about our guesthouse, we have an airbnb page with updated photos and texts. Here you can also see availability but note that it is cheaper to book through us.

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We also have a second house in hulevik, “Gula villan”. For this house we only have an airbnb page but note that this house is also cheaper to book through us.

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If you are looking for simpler and cheaper accommodation, in 2023 we finished building a unique pole house where a small group can live all by themselves in the middle of the forest and right by a small lake. The pole house is only about 800 meters from Hulevik, where our other houses are located. We also only have one airbnb page for this accommodation.

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In 2011 the current owner bought the 38 hectares of land on which the guest house stands. At that time the house was in a terrible state but had obvious potential. A thorough renovation was carried out in order to create comfortable accommodation while maintaining the building’s unique character.

Looking out from the upper floor window you can see Åsnens national park. Lake Åsnen features a fantastic island landscape with plentiful numbers of birds rearing young during different periods of the year, something that attracts interest both nationally and internationally. Here you can swim in the lake, relax at the house, rent a boat or just walk in the beautiful forrest.

All photographs belong to Harjo Bygg that also have made a lot of the carpentry in the house.

Lakeside community of Hulevik

The village of Hulevik was a small industrial community in the first half of the 20 th century, based mainly on the timber goods that were transported on barges that were pulled across the lake by steamboats. Wood wool (or paper wool) was a successful product that was transported from Hulevik by rail and exported as far away as South Africa.

Today the village has around 16 permanent homes and approximately 40 summer homes. The village features its own harbor and an active local association that offers help to external actors organizing fishing competitions, triathlons and other events.

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